PROLIMITS LED Matrix Pitboard

When developing our LED Matrix Board, we placed particular emphasis on high-quality components and software that is tailored for use in motorsport. In order for the user to be able to use all functions in a simple way, the control software developed by us places value on a simple and self-explanatory program interface. Up to 20,480 dimmable, ultra-bright multicolor LEDs allow the user a wide range of design options. The matrix LED board allows the number of lines of text to be freely defined and thus offers the freedom to display graphics and icons on the LED matrix board. All that is required to mount the slider is a mast with an outside dimension of at least 40mm x 40mm. The display board can also be attached without a slider at the locations already provided, for example for permanent installation at the edge of the route to display flag signals.

The LED matrix pit board can also be controlled directly via our timing software Endurence Race Laptimer. Times, laps and other race-relevant data can be sent and displayed automatically or manually to the LED matrix board.


LED Matrix Pitboard
  • 5.120 to 20.480 Ultra bright multicolor LEDs,
  • Line-less matrix display
  • dimmable automatically / manually
  • 64x80 or 128x160 Pixel
  • LAN orLAN & WLAN Connection(Range WLAN up to 300m)
  • 200-240V operating voltage
  • max. 460W illuminated
  • splash-proof
  • Simple program interface
  • Text can be freely formatted for each line (font, font size, font color, background color, bold, italic, underline)
  • Image fashion, for displaying images, photos and logos
  • More than 60 different effects, afjustable for each line separatly
  • Variable number of lines, 1-4 lines
  • 16 text shortcut keys, freely programmable
  • Manual or automatic adjustment of the panels brightness

Software for Windows (Win 7 - 8.1, Win 10 - 11)

  • 60 different effects:
  • Flash
  • Marquee
  • Scroll
  • Mosaic
  • Different frame effects
  • Text and frame effects possible separately

LED Matrix Boxentafel:

  • Maße: 64.0cm x 80.0cm x 10.0cm
  • Gewicht: 13.1kg (Variante 1)


  • Maße: 74.0cm x 108.0cm x 19.0cm
  • Gewicht: 11.9kg
Scope of delivery
  • LED Matrix Pitboard
  • Mounting Rack (Slider)
  • Power connection and LAN cable
  • Fastening and assembly material
  • Software




Variant 1


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • 5.120 Pixel
  • SMD P10
  • 64 x 80 cm
  • LAN Connection
  • Mounting Rack + Slider
  • Software


Variant 2


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • 5.120 Pixel
  • DIP P10
  • 64 x 80 cm
  • LAN Connection
  • Mounting Rack + Slider
  • Software


Variant 3


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • 20.480 Pixel
  • SMD P5
  • 64 x 80 cm
  • LAN Connection
  • Mounting Rack + Slider
  • Software




including VAT
excl. Shipping costs.

  • Heavy Duty
  • incl. Castor
  • 64 x 80 x 36cm (LxBxH)


WLAN Upgrade


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • WLAN Controller
  • Antenna
  • Range up to 300m
  • incl. LAN Connection


Customized Display

Price on request


  • Size: According to customer requirements
  • Resolution: According to customer requirements
  • Connection: According to customer requirements
  • Additional equipment: According to customer requirements