Endurance Race Laptimer

The Endurance Race Laptimer is a professional management software for the simultaneous and automatic recording of the lap times of up to 8 vehicles.
The program is designed to make the actual task, recording lap times and driver and vehicle management as easy as possible for the timekeeper on the racetrack. The priority in developing the program was to make the software easy to understand and clear for every user. At the same time, all important information should be displayed to him without being overwhelmed. This is the only way he can follow the racing events in a focused manner and make the right decisions. The software automatically calculates important data for the timekeeper, e.g.:

  • the expected time of the next pit stop
  • shows pit stop overlays when 2 or more vehicles are expected to come in at almost
    the same time as the pit stop.
  • monitors the maximum driving time or stint time of the driver
  • many more functions can be found below at details.

Due to the variety of functions, the software is suitable for for the following areas of application:

  • Endurance race
  • Sprint races
  • Vehicle testing
  • Trackdays
  • Test days
  • Kart Race

The optional CodeScanner and the transponder are not absolutely necessary to use the software, but is highly recommended for more than one vehicle!

The PROLIMITS Endurance Race lap timer is also an official timing software for the Memotec Laptrix (http://www.me-mo-tec.de/de/Produkte/memotec/Laptrix)


  • 1 PC license
  • Activation via the Internet
  • Automatic updates over the Internet
System Requirements
  • Windows 7 - 8.1, Windows 10
  • min. Resolution 1280x768
  • 4 GB RAM
CodeScanner (optional)
  • 1x Multi CodeScanner
  • USB Connection
  • No separate power supply necessary
  • IP 67
Transponder (optional)
  • Housing: anodized aluminum
  • Voltage: 5V - 14V
  • Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 25mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Length of connecting cable: 1m
  • IP 67
LED Matrix Pitboard (optional)
  • Automatic and manual control via Endurance Race Laptimer software.
  • Freely selectable information to be displayed
  • no intervention required
  • more Information



Endurance Timekeeping System

especially suitable for the VLN / 24h Nürburgring


Lap time recording of up to 8 vehicles

these can be stopped automatically and / or manually


Current lap time

colored signaling of the vehicles approaching the finish line


Lap time table

The lap times of the vehicles are recorded in a table, clearly and sorted.


Best lap

The best lap is shown separately for each vehicle


Laps until pit stop

Shows the number of laps the vehicle will still drive until the pit stop


Color differentiation of the drivers

The individual drivers can be distinguished by different colors within the times table.


Automatic projection of the pit stop time

Calculates the time at which the respective vehicle is expected to pit stop.


Remaining driving time of each driver

Shows the maximum remaining driving time that a driver can remain in the vehicle


Lap times in the box including your logo

Allows you to clearly manage your lap times on a separate screen, e.g. in the box.


Automatic info for team members

Team members are informed of an upcoming pit stop in good time if the separate display in the pit is used.


clear presentation

All relevant data are displayed clearly and according to priorities. Data that is not required can be hidden.


Automatic logging

Every event is logged automatically and can be traced back at any time.


Manual entries in the report possible

The automatic logging can be supplemented by your own entries.


Pit Stop overlays

If 2 or more vehicles are expected at pit stop almost at the same time, this will be displayed


Automatic update

Always use the current version thanks to the integrated update function.


simple timing software

An intuitive and easy to use software, also for "non-computer specialists"


Printout of lap times

Print the lap time of the individual vehicles directly with your logo.


Save lap times

Save all data for later analysis. The PDF or CSV formats are available for this.


Manual lap time recording

The lap times can also be triggered manually. This allows e.g. Stop competitors.


Plug and Play - PROLIMITS LED Matrix Pitboard

Our LED Matrix Pitboard is fully integrated and can be controlled automatically via the software


Systems can be expanded at any time.


Software 1 PC
without CodeScanner


including VAT
per Download

  • All functions and modules
  • incl. Support
  • incl. Software-Updates for 1 Year


Software 1 PC
incl. CodeScanner


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • All functions and modules
  • incl. Support
  • incl. Software-Updates for 1 Year
  • 1x CodeScanner
  • 1x connecting cable


per vehicle


including VAT
plus packaging and shipping.

  • 1x Transponder 5V - 12V
  • 1x connecting cable
  • incl. Support